Challenge Accepted

Challenge Accepted

As the sunlight breaks through the curtains, I place my cup of tea down gently pulling out my notebook and pen. Every morning I have a ritual of writing in my journal and recording 3 things that make me grateful In the beginning I forced myself to complete this task as a means to find balance, but it has become a practice I enjoy and look forward to. 

When I stumbled on the Positively Present blog, I became completely smitten with the idea of participating in a ‘30-day Gratitude Photography Challenge‘. On the 1st of November, I am going to take a photo including a small caption of what I am grateful for ranging from various topics! You can follow how I’m going on my instagram account! 

It is a great way to to improve my photography, for you to get to know me a little better and to practice gratitude in another creative way. Will you be taking the challenge? 

OneRepublic – Good Life

moiPetite - Sign Off

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