Creating My Cocoon

Creating My Cocoon

VALENCIENNES, France | I awoke feeling disorientated. Poking my nose from beneath the warm layers of duvets and fleecy blankets, I peered at the alarm clock in surprise; it was 7.30am and it was still dark outside!

The days are becoming shorter, darker and it is roughly 5 degrees. 

It is the type of weather where drinking a scalding cup of tea in bed while wearing your pyjamas is a delicious pleasure, rather than a guilty one. Where you create a cocoon from the feathery duvet covers and thick woolen jumpers somehow make cuddles more satisfying. 

What is your guilty pleasure in the cooler months?

Rusted Root – Send Me On My Way

moiPetite - Sign Off

princesse tam tam | moi petite

pyjamas: princesse tam-tam | slippers: monoprix

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