Hello! I’m Kylie Zimanyi, writer and photographer of Moi Petite.

Moi Petite was created in 2013 to capture a little piece of my journey, while I explore the pockets of this beautiful world!

Before my trip in 2013, I had little photography experience, I couldn’t write creatively and I certainly knew nothing about maintaining a blog. I was simply a lady with a camera, a heart full of dreams wanting to share it with the world.

Since then, Moi Petite has evolved from its humble beginnings. It offers a unique perspective; it inspires my audience to escape through photography, writing and to contemplate the ‘larger picture’. The biggest journey after all is not a location, it is within ourselves.

If you would like to collaborate or to simply say ‘hi’ you can contact me, or sign up for my monthly newsletter that provides an overview of my latest work. I adore meeting new people so please don’t be shy!

Please join me as I capture this world; one photograph at a time.

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