My Arrival In France

My Arrival In France

VALENCIENNES, France | The overwhelming list of tasks associated with an international relocation masked the excitement of following one of my dreams; living to France.

Up until this point it still hasn’t felt like a reality, living in France was a bittersweet wish. The kind of wish I felt would never be attainable, but, here I am! It still seems surreal, will I wake up and find myself back in Australia?

I often have to blink twice because everything is so beautiful; the cobble-stoned streets adorned with bright green moss, the smell of bread baking in the morning or the simplistic greeting of an elderly woman in the morning ‘Bonjour!’ 

I reflect on my journey. My challenges, my successes and I am reminded that anything is possible! 

Stole you Away – Benjamin Francis Leftwich

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What is your dream, your goal or aspiration?

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