48 Hours – Sydney, Australia

48 Hours – Sydney, Australia

SYDNEY, Australia | I am sitting on the train and a blur of colour soars past my gaze, hypnotising me temporarily. Do you ever find yourself recollecting a specific moment, surprised because you thought it was long forgotten? I was having one of those moments.

My mind wandered to a time when I was younger, wilder, and I thought of him; we were of a time without responsibility, where everything was a possibility for adventure and a yearning to be free. Together we would explore the rolling hills and the maze of plum orchards providing us with an abundance of ripe fruit, hidden under its cool canopy.

He did not follow strict instruction and he would gallop in whichever path that he decided; for some reason though, we understood one another. Perhaps it is the carefree desire that lingers in our soul, but together we rode as one.

As the train escaped the dark tunnel the daylight temporarily blinded me coercing me back to reality. I blinked. As my eyes adjusted to the harsh light, Sydney’s glorious skyline revealed itself.

I had remembered the brown stallion with nostalgia and curiosity; I pondered; isn’t life a lot like him? We can hold life tightly by the reins until finding ourselves propelled towards a different path. We can either resist, or surrender and enjoy the journey; I choose the latter.  That is why we had found ourselves in Sydney in the first place, to apply for a visa and most importantly, to celebrate our anniversary. 

While visiting Sydney we found the below itinerary to be a perfect balance for the weekend for exploring the city, enjoying the coast and indulging in delicious cuisine!

The Paper Kites – Featherstone 

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MORNING | By only visiting a city’s monuments, you cannot capture the city’s soul. To immerse yourself in the culture put your map in your pocket and lose yourself exploring the streets as a local; examine the unique architecture, street art and simply observe your new environment. Don’t worry, the tourist attractions will be found organically through your adventures.

sydney australia |moi petite

sydney australia |moi petite

sydney australia |moi petite

sydney australia |moi petite

Chapter E: 201 Darlinghurst Rd, Darlinghurst, NSW, 2010.

LUNCH | We gravitated towards Chapter E with intrigue. The smell of freshly ground coffee wafted out of the café entrance and onto the streets tempting us inside. The menu made the promise of a nourishing meal offering a variety salads, freshly squeezed juice and artisan coffee. We sat outside enjoying the winter’s sun while nursing our coffee, waiting for our lunch to arrive. Two steaming falafels were placed on the tables in-front of us; I was surprised by the freshness, it was almost as if we had prepared it ourselves! This will be our local stop when we are in Sydney. I recommend it to you if you prefer a healthier lunch alternative.

Chapter E | 201 Darlinghurst Road, Darlinghurst, NSW, 2010. 

AFTERNOON | There is something cleansing in finding stillness in the chaos of urban spaces. This is why I love Australian Cities; there is always an abundances of public areas to breathe and enjoy some of the native flora and fauna. If you are like-minded I suggest a tranquil walk through Sydney’s Botanical Gardens. It will give you the opportunity to observe various Australian plant species, birds and the a picturesque view of the monuments including the Sydney Opera House, Darling Harbour and The Sydney Harbour Bridge.

acacia pycnantha (wattle tree) | moipetite australian cockatoo | moi petitesydney opera house & sydney harbour bridge | moipetite

DINNER |  A small stroll from Darling Harbour, TapaVino spills out from the restaurant and into a dark laneway. An assortment of intimate tables splayed with candle-light ignite the adjacent brick wall and the purr of delighted patrons fill the air. I was transported to warm nights in Central Spain where wine flowed freely over several plates of delicious morsels. Our meal was absolutely sensational, perfectly complemented by an impressive Spanish Wine List. We indulged in delicate strips of Jamon, perfectly cooked morcilla served with manuka honey and earthy walnuts; all paired with a rich, well balanced tempranillo wine.

After our holiday in Spain we have searched for a tapas bar that evokes an authentic Spanish experience, who would have thought one of our most memorable Spanish cuisine experiences would be right here in Australia?

Reservations are recommended for earlier sittings.

 Tapa Vino | 6 Bulletin Pl, Sydney NSW 2000. 


photographer: evan bench

MORNING | Dress simply and savour the early morning by strolling along Darling Harbour with a warm coffee, followed by a short ferry-ride to Watson’s Bay. Once you have arrived, take a small stroll to Camp Cove and enjoy the view of where the Governor Phillip first landed in Port Jackson in 1788.

Continue along the South Head Heritage Trail to enjoy a scenic view of Sydney Harbour and Hornby Lighthouse. A picnic over the bay while watching for whales would be perfect during the months of late May to early August; alternatively, there is an abundance of fish n’ chip stores that can be located in Watson’s Bay.

watsons bay, sydney | moi petite

watsons bay, sydney | moi petite

hornby lighthouse, sydney | moi petite

pelican | moi petitebeach life | moi petite

AFTERNOON | From Watson’s Bay catch bus to Bondi Beach. What makes Sydney so unique from Brisbane or Melbourne is the untamed coastline in comparison to that of its neighbours; it is for this reason that Bondi is worth the visit.

The city’s coast is built on rocky cliffs scattered with a palette of unique shades. In the center, a small bay known as Bondi Beach allows bathers and surfers to enjoy the turquoise waters. For a perfect way to end the afternoon, take a stroll along the picturesque walking track (with an ice cream of course!).

bondi beach, sydney | moi petitebondi beach, sydney | moi petite

bondi beach, sydney | moi petite

bondi beach, sydney | moi petite

A Tavola - Images

source: a tavola website


DINNER | Italian cuisine evokes a nostalgic and sensual experience for us. Our first nervous evening was shared over a wood fire pizza and a hearty red wine. To maintain this tradition we indulge in Italian cuisine to celebrate special occasions. In the back serving room of A Tavola, an intimate room dressed gorgeously in soft light welcomed us. Sitting down, a waiter with an Italian accent explained the menu while effortlessly taking our order. I inhaled the delicate beef and beetroot carpaccio followed by squid-ink pasta served with aubergine. I was intoxicated in pleasure by the immaculate balance of flavours and elegant presentation. A Tavola was absolutely perfect to celebrate our anniversary!

A Tavola | 348 Victoria Street Darlinghurst NSW 2010 


Do you have any must-have recommendations for our next trip?
sydney australia |moi petite

POST NOTES | Unfortunately my photo backup failed so I do not have saved images for either of our meals at Tapa Vino or A Tavola, subsequently these images were used by other sources. Images were chosen to best represent the restaurant experience. Please note, attribution has been provided; to access the source’s websites please click the relevant image. 

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